Our New Slow Cooker Bag

Once we had perfected our pressure cooker bags, our team set our minds to designing a fabulous bag for the slow cookers in your life... seriously, who does not have at least one slow cooker? And,...

The International Instant Pot

What is the culture of the Instant Pot in other parts of the world? Last week, a very nice lady from Great Britain watched our Live Quick and Carry Kitchen Show. As she is the...

Mom’s Meatballs in the Instant Pot

  My mom, Pat, has been making this recipe for meatballs for a very long time. It HAS to be one of her MOST requested recipes! She usually makes all the meatballs from scratch, and, quite...

Welcome to Quick and Carry Bags!

Hey there! We are so glad you have found us. Our new bag for the Instant Pot and other similar cookers is going to change your life! Cooks want to take their pots with them everywhere...

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